Tl;dr: Enable clean and easy changing of hosting model of Blazor app by packaging your UI in a Razor Class Library and using inversion of control to provide hosting model-specific data providers to your views. In a Blazor WASM client project, implement the service using an HttpClient accessing an API. In a Blazor ServerSide (or during prerendering), implement the service using more direct access. Source code is available at

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This post is part of a series exploring some of the newest features of .Net. Last time we looked at how we can use pipes for parsing stream-data with very little overhead. We used it to built our own minimal iCal-parser, to be used in a remake of a time reporting tool for contractors like myself. In this installment, we’ll add a background queue and processor to decouple the fetching and parsing from our web interface.

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It’s a wonderful time to be a .NET-developer. The .NET Core-team and so many others in the community is doing absolutely marvelous work reinventing the platform. As a web dev, I’m inundated with cool new toys to try out - many more than I can get around to: Pipe, Span<T>, Memory<T> for near-zero-allocation byte massaging; IHostedService for running background tasks along your website; typed HttpClient, SocketMessageHandler and Polly for making Http even more manageable; SignalR for real-time communication; Blazor for frontends in C#.

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